From e-learning to the e in learning:

Quality improvement, professionalisation and modernisation

of VET training for young low-skilled learners through the use of modern ICT









The PROMOVET project partnership believes that if VET training for young low-skilled people wants to be successful, it really needs to enter into the communication ways and processes of the young learners. We want to make VET trainers accross Europe aware of popular smart communication channels used by young people and to provide them with methods and tools to include these channels into their teaching.

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To succeed in truely bringing the e into learning, we have set ourselves some goals. Amongst others, the PROMOVET project partnership will create a database with popular smart communication channels used by young people and provide examples for their use in VET.

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 WHO we areWHO we are

The PROMOVET project partners include VET providers, IT training organisations, tertiary education institutions, quality assurance organisations, and European networks. The seven partners come from six European countries.
Coordinator: Jugend am Werk Steiermark (AT); Partners: Meath Partnership (IE), WINNOVA (FI), E.N.T.E.R. (AT), A.R.E.S. (IT), CARDET (CY), and Fundacion Docete Omnes (ES).

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 Latest NEWSLatest NEWS

During the two-years' project period, partners are doing quite some work and a lot is happening. To keep you informed, we are feeding various communication channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Major news are published here on the website.

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